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Intermountain Speedway Opening This Weekend...COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Great News!

After speaking with the Health Department we are cleared to open for racing this weekend!!! Saturday, May 16th.

We will be welcoming any and all classes that wish to race! We are all ready to hit the track and/or watch some racing!

Drivers, please bring your transponder if you have one as there is a limited supply available to rent.

However, there are mandatory policies and procedures that MUST be followed or we risk being shut down. Please for the sake of everyone read and follow the policies below.


In order to race there is some restrictions. These must be followed!!

-----Masks are optional per the health department unless working in concessions.

-----Spectators welcome!

-----ALL trucks and trailers must be 6ft apart

-----Four people TOTAL in each pit area including the driver.

-----NO ONE is to roam freely in the pits. You may use the restrooms or get food but DO NOT stop and visit other drivers/crew.

-----When it comes to having a pit meeting we will be doing it over the intercom so we don’t have a large gathering at the pit office.

-----Pay attention to the markings on the ground and grandstands on where to stand/sit to keep 6ft apart while in concession area and pit gate ect.

-----NO more than groups of 10 in the grandstands and MUST stay 6ft apart

IF YOU CAN NOT ABIDE BY THE RULES YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. This is a big step for us and if we want to continue racing these rules MUST be followed!

MUST have ALL safety gear. There will be a safety check done on EVERY vehicle!

Thanks you and see you at the Races!

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