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Colorado’s 32nd Motorsports and High Performance Trade Show - a.k.a. Witthar Show

It’s that time of year again. Time to kick off the 2020 race season with a great show. This is the place to find great deals on new and used high performance and race products, safety equipment, and services to create or finish your projects. Whole race ready cars will also be available. Support and pit or shop equipment trailers also available.

All major tracks and sanctioning bodies will be on site for registration and rules. If you have not yet registered to race at Intermountain Speedway, we will be there.

Intermountain Speedway Car Registration Fee for the 2020 Season - $35.00

Also a great way to reconnect with the racing family and have a great time.


Friday, January 24th | 2pm - 8pm

Saturday, January 25th | 8am - 4pm


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