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Race a Pro 4 Modified on May 27th, 2017

Big Country Speedway

Spend a day at Big Country Speedway learning how to drive a Pro 4 Modified race car. This unique experience includes an afternoon practice session, early evening qualifying, and 15 lap main event against nine other equally matched cars — for only $400.

We’ll provide the car, safety briefings, helmet, race suit, gloves & pit pass. You must bring ear buds for the communication system. The top 3 placed drivers will receive trophies.

About The Cars

All cars are Pro 4 Modified race cars, thoroughly inspected for safety and featuring:

  • Full roll cage

  • 4-cylinder engine

  • 5-point seat harness

  • Removable steering wheel

  • Communication system with spotter

This Could Be You!

Drive at your own risk! (We have to say that by law, but don’t worry; we’ll have experts on hand to show you how it’s done before it’s time to hit the track.)

Ready to race?

Spaces are limited; sign up now!

Total cost of $400 must be paid via credit card or e-check at time of registration. Car selection is based on your height and weight. The experience is meant to be a recreational event, and cars will be shared with other drivers during the night. You will be responsible to show medical insurance, and to sign both track and car liability waivers. You will also be responsible for any damage caused by malicious intent or by not following track rules and regulations.

Click here to Register!

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