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2017 Big Country Speedway Track Tech

Big Country Speedway

We are pleased to announce Track Tech for the 2017 Season at

Big Country Speedway

Mark Kelly & Mike Smith


About Our Tech:

Mark Kelly:

I got involved in racing in '96, helping Greg Carroll with his GAM.

I've raced BCS since 2005.

I started in a Warrior and moved to a Super Stock. I've done everything possible to build and repair race cars. Can't count the number of people I've helped with their cars or the people that helped me.

Mike Smith:

I've been in the racing community since 1998. I've been a mechanic for 24 years. I've built and raced different cars and different classes. I would just like to see a fair and across the board tech. I want every racer to know if you come to Big Country Speedway to race they will be treated equally and fairly.

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