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June 13th- Race Day- PMG Grand American Modified Super Series

It’s going to be a Big Night at Big Country Speedway!

Grand American Modified 125 lap Main Event!

Registration for the PMG Grand American Modified Race is $95.00 for Drivers and $35 per crew member.

Registration forms are available for download by clicking here or will be available at Friday practice as well as the day of the race.

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Just in- 6.8.2015 - Here is a pdf of the official PMG Grand American Modified Rules

PMG Grand American Modified Rules

QUALIFYING PROCEDURE The tires you qualify with, you must start the race with them. All cars will be scaled prior to qualifying. Two lap qualifying. We will lock in the top 10 fast times for the main. We will do a 15 lap qualifying race with the top 8 transferring to The A Main

1. TIRES: You are allowed to run the Hoosier 700.

2. QUALIFYING: The tires you qualify with, you must start the race with them. All cars must be scaled prior to qualifying.

3. MID RACE BREAK: We will have a 15 minute break for fuel and to make adjustments only. You not allowed to change tires. You will be allowed to change a tire that is flat if it is flat prior to leaving the track for the break, as seen during the 5 lap caution for the break and an Official verified. If a tire change is allowed, you must re-start the race at the back. Break Re-start: You will re-start in the same order that the mid race caution came out.

4. PRACTICE: We have 2 practices on race day. Each practice is 60 minutes long. All cars must be inspected before practice.

5. RACE PROCEDURES: We will go over all race procedures at the mandatory drivers meeting. A Mains, B Mains, and heats will be determined by car count.

6. DRIVERS REGISTRATION: All drivers must register with PMG before practice.

7. FEES: The entry fee is $95.00 for driver/car and pit pass. This can be deducted from your winnings with your signed authorization form. Forms will be supplied along with entry form.

8. BACK GATE FEES: Will be $35.00 per crew member. Major credit cards accepted at the back gate or over the phone at 209 649-0439.

Any questions please call Richard at 209 649-0439 or e-mail him at

Video-For those of you that run in car camera's. We would very much appreciate your sharing your video with us after the race. If you have a YouTube upload the video and send us a link to If not please upload video to this online folder. Please name the file you upload with your Name and Car Number.Please upload as soon as possible after the race.We will be creating a video of the race with both overall video as well as snips from in car camera's of as many drivers as possible.

For those that don't know uploaded video is often used on CBS Channel 5 News. They also have access to this online folder.

Out of Town Drivers

Attention out of town Drivers. Big Country Speedway has a special negotiated rate at the Holiday Inn on Fox Farm Road just up the road from the Speedway. Just ask for the Big Country Speedway rate.

You may leave your race car and trailer out at the speedway to ease parking complications at the Hotel. They do have a shuttle van should you need to leave your vehicle at the Speedway as well.

204 West Fox Farm Road , Cheyenne, WY 82007 1-800-315-2621 (Reservations) 1-307-6384466 (Front Desk)

Other Race Night Information

Full Schedule for Tonight

GAM (PMG Series Race), SS, PS, WAR, CARC/HPM

Pits open at 12:00 noon Gates open at 3:00 PM Races start at 6:00 PM

New for 2015!!! Skip the ticket booth lines, you can now purchase your tickets online. Click here. Ticket Prices: Adult $7.00 Seniors/Military $5.00 Kids ages 6-12 $5.00 Under age 6 Free Pit Pass: $25.00

*Schedule subject to change

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