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Driver In The Spotlight- Tommy Gess #16

Big Country Speedway Driver In The Spotlight

Tommy Gess #16- Super Stock

My love for racing comes from growing up around the sport. My dad started racing when I was 8 years old. Most of my summer's since have been spent at the track. I started racing at the age of 17 in 2007 in the warrior class. In 2008 I finished 3rd in points and was most improved Driver of the year. In 2009 I won 9 main events and won the championship in warriors. 2011 was my first year in super stocks and finished 4th place in points and won rookie of the year and one main. I have take a couple years off but I'm back and ready to take this year as in comes and have a good time trying to support my local track.

I am racing outa the Crazy Motorsports Camp.


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