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Peggy Ritts- 2015 Timing Judge

I have been involved with BCS and the WARC since 1981. By the mid 80’s I had been asked to help lap count which I did for a couple of years. Then one day Track owner Ernie Henning came to me and said that I was going to be the timing judge. That was a position that I proudly held through 1996. For the next three years I helped off and on in the pit office and in the tower. In 2000 I was back upstairs as the timing judge and worked there through 2006. When the Milan family had the transponder system installed in 2004 many, many hours were spend both at the track and at home learning the new system. Over all the years, there were many weeknights before and during the racing season that were spent out there helping make sure things were ready for the fans and racers come Saturday. I have also had the pleasure to work at Hi-Way 92 Raceway Park during the Shoot Outs and at PPIR. I look forward to being back in tower as the timing judge this year.

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