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Driver In The Spotlight- Wayne Barlock Jr #3

Driver In The Spotlight

Wayne Barlock Jr #3- (Legends)

Wayne Barlock Jr. is 22 years old and has been racing since the age of 8. He is entering his 15th season being a driver. Throughout his racing career he has been fortunate enough to win 10 championships, win 32 total races—two of which were national qualifying wins, finished 74 times in the top 5 and scored 108 top 10 finishes. He enjoys the competitive nature of the sport and the lifestyle that it creates. Outside of the racetrack, he is a dedicated full time student that carries a full time job while in school. He is a senior at the University of Northern Colorado where he is studying Business Management and Marketing. He plans to continue his passion for racing after college in the field of sports marketing, management and business administration. He also enjoys being outdoors hiking, running and cycling when he gets the chance.


2 IMI Go-Kart Racing Complex Championships, 2006 1 ICE Go-Kart Racing Second Place Finish,

2008- Inex Semi-Pro Colorado State Champion, 2 National Qualifier Wins, 6th Place in the Colorado National Speedway Championship, 10th Place in the RMLRA Championship, RMLRA Most Improved Driver

2009 - RMLRA Champion, Inex Pro Colorado State Champion, 3rd Place in Colorado National Speedway Championship,3rd Place in the I-25 Speedway Championship

2010- 2nd Place in the RMLRA Championship, 3rd Place in the Colorado National Speedway Championship

2012 - 10th Place in the Colorado National Speedway Championship

2013 - Pro State Champion, 7th Place in the Colorado National Speedway Championship

2014- RMLRA Champion, INEX Pro Colorado State Champion,5th Place in the Colorado National Speedway Championship


Barlock Racing would like to extend an enormous amount of appreciation to all of our sponsors for the 2014 season. We fully understand that without the help of everyone that supports our team, we would not be as successful as we are. We would like to personally thank Bob and Sandy Peck, Dave Hess, CAD Consultants, M-W Auto and Diesel Repair, DC Racing, Sunset Auto Sales, Pete and Marianne Sewalt’s Garage and Simpson race Products for their continued support, and hope to continue and create more partnerships in the 2015 season.

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