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Driver In The Spotlight- Thomas Cooley #28

Thomas Cooley #28 (Pro 4 Mod)

aka "Bones"

My people call me Bones. Im a third generation driver following grandma and grandpa aunts and uncles along with my dad. racing for me is a family event my crew consists of my uncle terry (car Owner) uncle tommy (when he shows up) my son Derek (the next in line). our car is a 2012 strike eagle chassis with bad ass suspension components. so much has changed on the car in the few times weve raced it that we have never driven the same car twice. In 2015 we look to change that and with the return of the 8 im hoping our luck changes for the better. with that being said id like to thank everyone for their support in helping us get re-motivated and getting this car ready to go racing in 2015.


Nitro Graphics

Sweets Treats

Scrapper Chris

Greeley Automotive Machine

Team Chaos

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