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Championship night at Big Country Speedway

Going into the night at the Big Country Speedway, Neil Copenhaver was so far ahead of the pack in the Warrior points standings he could just coast to the championship. He did start to head to the front during the main event race but just played it safe.

The Phelps' battled for the main event win. Natalie barely edged out Eric by a bumper for the victory.

Super Stock points leader Dan Jagoditsh just had to finish the race to win his second straight BCS Super Stock title. He was middle of the pack the whole night and almost had to go off the track but he was able to stay on the track and finish the race.

He did not go for the win but finished mid pack. Ricky Griffith and J.D. Ellis shot to the front. Griffith took the lead early and lookedl ike he was going to run away with it. Ellis caught him half way through and made a pass with the help of a lapped car. Ellis did not look back from there and he takes the Super Stock main event but it is Jagoditsh who takes home the season title.

Champion Interviews with CBS News 5

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